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Introducing Italy

Italy is an ideal choice for your golfing holiday. With a fabulous Mediterranean climate, you can expect warm summer months followed by a beautiful blanket of white snow on the mountains in the winter season. As the coast remains warm due to high sea temperatures, Italy is truly stunning regardless of when you visit.

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With world-class courses, coupled with highly desirable accommodation to match, it’s no surprise that Italy is becoming an increasingly popular holiday choice for golfers. There’s no doubt this beautiful country has something for everyone.

If a slower paced holiday appeals to you, why not consider Tuscany, the countryside of Emilia Romagna. The southern backdrop of the Tuscany sunset is guaranteed to leave you breathless, and create a truly picturesque setting.

Alternatively head south, to the island destination of Sicily, where golf is combined with traditional Italian charm and outstanding beaches. Sicily is also home to the ruins of Taormina Theatre, one of the most spectacular ancient venues in the world. We offer a variety of high-class resorts and hotels to choose from, each benefiting from the Italian constants of world famous cuisine and excellent hospitality.

Whether you appreciate historic heritage, mouthwatering gastronomy or simply wish to sip from a glass of world famous wine after a round of golf, you’re guaranteed a golf escape to remember.

Playing in Italy provides you with the opportunity to discover some of the most luxurious courses in the world, highly deserving of global recognition, while discovering the country’s true beauty and culture.

Italian cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most popular in the entire world. An Italian escape provides you with the chance to appreciate authentic, fresh food from the region of your choice, each of which has an abundance of gastronomic delights. Why not sample some of the most sought after fine wines?

Mount Etna - located in Sicily - is Europe’s tallest, and one of the world’s most active, volcanoes. Enjoy a guided tour combined with wine tasting and make the most of your Italian cultural experience. Alternatively discover the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, located just one hour away from Tuscany.

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